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Fergus and Dil kisses

Watched The Crying Game for the first time last weekend. Fell completely, madly IN-LOVE with the movie! :-)
The story was great, the acting was incredible, and the kisses were sexy. ;-D

Here are just a couple of them:

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My PRT Collages

Cincinnati Pride Fest pics

Blame my busy-lazy ass for not posting these pics earlier this week! *rolls eyes and shrugs* Anyways, here are the pictures I took at the GLBT Pride Fest at Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati last Sunday. It was sooooo bloody hot out, that everyone was desperately trying to find a spot by the fountain or underneath the shade! O_O

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Happy GLBT Pride 2010!!!

Well, this Sunday is Gay Pride in Cincinnati...Woohoo! I will be going as usual and will have my large rainbow American flag wrapped around my waist. And since it will be both Independence Day and Gay Pride, the flag will work perfectly! Proud to be a Gay American!

Oh, how far we have come since the Gay Rights Movement during the 1970s! And how far we still have to go! But we'll get there...as an historian, I can tell you that time is just the best remedy for things. Put time with effort and we'll get there faster. ;-)

To celebrate GLBT pride, I usually have my own "gay" movie marathon in my room:

My Top Ten favs:
1. Imagine Me & You
2. Big Eden
3. Chutney Popcorn
4. The Birdcage
5. Gray Matters
6. Lost & Delirious
7. Prick Up Your Ears
8. Un Amour A Taire
9. In & Out
10. Brokeback Mountain

I also enjoy reveling in my straight-allies' support:

My Top Straight-Allies:
1. Jon Stewart
2. Keith Olbermann
3. Stephen Colbert
4. Lewis Black
5. John Oliver
6.  Chris Rock
7. Seth McFarlane
8. Adam Sandler
9. George Carlin (RIP)
10. Bill Maher

A few extra goodies: (made by greenpixiehair)


Oh, and cheers to my out-and-proud (and not Out but possibly) gay newsies:

Rach, Andy, and ShepCollapse )

So, whoever you are, may you have a Happy Fourth of July and GLBT Pride!  ^_^

When In Rome... (a Jed/Octavius fic)

I've been wanting to write some Jed/Octavius slash for years now (ever since it became one of my OTPs back when the first Night at the Museum movie came out), but have sadly been unable to come up with a good plot for a fic. But low and behold, yesterday morning an idea came to me and I decided to write it while it was fresh in my mind. Even though I have two other fanfics to work on at the moment (one of which has a deadline...Eeek!) Oh well...*shrugs*
Anyways, I'm excited about finally having some inspiration for this pairing! I hope you like it! ^_^

Title: When in Rome (1/5)

Pairing: Jedediah/Octavius

Rating: PG-13 (eventually NC-17)

Summary: A new addition to the Ancient Rome diorama turns the lives of Octavius and Jedediah upside down.

Warnings: violence

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this fic!

Author's Notes: At the start of this fic, Jed and Octavius' relationship is just starting to blossom - they only know that they have strong feelings for each other. I just thought I'd say that in case you were wondering if they were in an established relationship already, at which I say "sort of"...



Chapter 1Collapse )


The music to my Keith/Jon fanmix :-)

Since I cannot for the life of me get downloadable links to these songs, I'm just going to post YT vids with the songs. I hope that works for you... :-)  Enjoy!

Keith/Jon Fanmix musicCollapse )

A Keith/Jon Fanmix

Title: "Cruel to Be Kind" - a Keith/Jon fanmix
DJ: me ;-)
Pairing: Keith/Jon
Synopsis: A mix of songs that describe Keith and Jon's long-standing, unrequited love affair.
Disclaimer: I DO NOT claim whatsoever that Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart are in the middle of a long-standing, unrequited love affair... ;-)
This is a gift for my dear friend, lady_sci_fi  <3

  1. Dirty Glass – Dropkick Murphys  (Keith and Jon having a bickering tirade that most definitely would end in makeup!sex)
  2. Tell Me Why – The Beatles  (Keith bringing Jon flowers at TDS studio and begging for answer)
  3. I Want You To Want Me – Letters To Cleo  (Keith thinking about Jon while at work)
  4. Ain’t That Peculiar – Marvin Gaye  (Keith wonders about how he keeps coming back to Jon, despite Jon's refusal to acknowledge him)
  5. Grace Kelly - MIKA  (Keith visits Jon at TDS Studio again and asks what can he do to make Jon love him)
  6. (Still) Terminally Ambivalent – The Real Tuesday Weld  (Jon thinks about what he feels for Keith)
  7. Cruel to Be Kind – Letters To Cleo (Jon tells Keith that he pretends to not want him because it is his way of showing him that he loves him) 
  8. An Innocent Man – Billy Joel  (Keith demands that Jon acknowledge him, because he is not like the other stuck-up journalists that Jon goes after on a weekly basis)
  9. Things I’ll Never Say – Avril Lavigne  (Jon sits in his office and pretends to talk to Keith, and tells him that he really wants to be with him and no one else, but he'll never admit to it)
  10. Tell Her About It - Billy Joel  (Stephen explains to Jon that he needs to tell Keith how he feels)
  11. Take A Chance On Me – ABBA (Keith stops by the TDS studio for the third time and asks Jon to give him a chance)
  12. FNT - Semisonic  (Jon and Keith reconcile and begin dating)

I'll post the songs soon so that you can hear them. :-)
Finally the weather is beginning to change - I've been eager for Spring for over a month! But with it comes my terrible allergies. Ugh! And now I have a cold - FUCK! *shakes fist*
I'm on my couch watching a Law & Order marathon. So, I thought this would be the best time for me to upload my pictures from France. :-)

For Spring Break, I took a Study Abroad trip to France for nine days with a group of students and my academic advisor. This first bunch of pictures are just from my days in Paris. I will post the pictures from my visit to Amiens and Caen on another post later. (I need to organize those first...) ^_^
I hope you all like them!

Paris picsCollapse )


Well, Indiana University in Bloomington, IN (which was my 1# choice for a graduate school) has accepted me!!! Screw University of Pittsburgh, University of Illinois, Simmons College in Boston, and University of Kentucky! I'M GOING TO INDIANA UNIVERSITY!!!! WOOHOO!!!! YAY!!! XD XD XD XD *snoopy dances*

** A couple of fun facts about Bloomington, IN: It is ULTRA-LIBERAL (nothing like the rest of Indiana) and according to the Advocate magazine, it is the 4# GAYEST CITY IN THE USA! This is probably due to the fact that Indiana University is the home of the Kinsey Institute. ^_^  XD *throws party*

This is how I feel right now! :-D

Now for the next step...applying for lots and lots of scholarships because I am poor. ;-)

FIRST NEWS OF GRAD SCHOOL: I just received an email from the University of Pittsburgh stating that I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED!!! *flails* I'm literally high from the sheer joy of it!!!  XD XD XD

Last December, I filled out four grad school applications: Indiana University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Kentucky, and Simmons College (in Boston). I was not expecting to hear back from any of them until next month. But U of P pulled a fast one! :-D

Now, it seems I'm just waiting to hear from the other three schools... :-) Hopefully I will have the choice to pick between two or more school! *crosses fingers*

So, I declare it is time for a celebratory picscam! <3

I can say that a portion of my undergraduate education I owe to this show! I've learned so much! :-D

What I've learned from The Daily Show...Collapse )

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