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Do You Have A Flag? :-P

The history geek inside me is flailing over Eddie Izzard! XD And distracting me from my make-up homework...



My List Of Fanfic Prompts

Okay, being sick with a bad headcold all week SUCKS! I haven't left my house in days and only left the upstairs of my house about five times. But the benefit of being cooped up in my room for four days is that 1) I get to watch A LOT of movies and TV series and 2) spend countless hours on LiveJournal.

Well, it seems that even when my head feels like the size of Jupiter, my mind can still create slash pairings and prompts. These past few days I have watched so many movies, from Jurassic Park to Indiana Jones to Batman Begins to Van Helsing......etc. Almost all of which I thought of at least one slash pairing and prompt. Wow! ^_^  And perhaps, a few more prompts for my Fakenews Love and Oscar/Andy pairing... :-)

My Prompts:


  • Jon/Stephen, Mets jersey, baseball metaphors, couch
  • Keith/Shepard, Yankees World Series game, couch
  • Jon/Keith, snarky, hurt-comfort, make-up!sex for last week's TDS segment
  • John O./Shepard, battle of accents, desk!sex, Shep sneaks John into the Fox Studio for a TDS segment


  • Andy/Oscar, jealousy, reassurance, desk!sex
  • Andy/Oscar, overnight flight, handjobs


  • Van Helsing/Dracula, memories


  • Indy/Marcus, university library, artifact discussion, bookshelf or desk!sex


  • Tony Stark/Yensin, pain, comfort, captivity
  • Tony Stark/Jarvis, snarky, computer


  • Alan/Ian, change of personality, memories, comfort, The Lost World setting


  • Holmes/Watson, hurt-comfort, Holmes does not want Watson to leave, bed


  • Batman/Spiderman, Lt. Jim Gordon/Doc Ock, rescue, comfort, relief from pain




Happy Birthday, KO!

Everyone wish one of the greatest liberal newsmen today a "Happy Birthday"!   :-D
Credit to: people at olberfanns  and fakenews_fanfic , and  lunaris1013  for all the great pics of Keith! <3

More KO pics!Collapse )Read more...Collapse )

Keith, Rachel, and Dan Wolf Art

For those following lady_sci_fi 's fic, Rage At The Moon: http://community.livejournal.com/fakenews_fanfic/854603.html#cutid1
and my new multi-chapter fic, The Vampire's Soul: http://community.livejournal.com/fakenews_fanfic/928461.html#cutid1
Here are a few pieces of art that I felt best reflected the image of Keith, Rachel, and Dan as Werewolves and their relationship with each other within these two fanfics.

Disclaimer: To be clear, these are not mine! There is no frickin' way I could have drawn something this amazing! They were made by *WildSpiritWolf at Deviant Art : http://wildspiritwolf.deviantart.com/

Keith is the Gray Wolf.     Rachel is the Redish-Brown Wolf.      Dan is the Dark-Brown Wolf.

More Art!Collapse )

WOOHOO!!! I did it! I finally finished the last installment of my Oscar/Andy fanfic! Poor angelascats ! She has been waiting on me to finish this for SO LONG... Well, I dedicate this to her and her awesome fangirlish-ness. :-P I love you, my dear, and I hope you can forgive me...oh, and I hope you like it!

Title: You Make Me A Better Man, (3/3)
Author: me
Pairing: Oscar/Andy
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: The Office
Disclaimer: I do NOT own these characters! They belong solely to the creators of The Office. I make no money off of writing this. This is strictly fiction for all those who enjoy reading it.


Here it is!Collapse )




Fakenews Monster Mash ^_^

Happy Halloween y'all!!!!

Set outside your carved pumpkins, decorate your place with cobwebs, watch a bunch of horror films, dress up in your scariest or coolest costumes, and then later pile up your candy stash...

Well, my Halloween holiday would not be complete without my favorite fakenews people and perhaps a good party!fanfic to go with them! :-D
(I'll be back later to post my Halloween fic)

But for now, here is an idea of who would be what for Halloween: (FYI, the art is NOT mine. I just wanted to give you a visual example)

Jon Stewart - a Zombie

Stephen Colbert - a Vampire

Keith Olbermann - a Werewolf

Rachel Maddow - a Witch

Anderson Cooper - a Mummy

Shepard Smith - Frankenstein

(I must admit that there's a part of me that wants to switch Keith and Shep's monsters. Keith is tall and has a head shaped perfect for Frankenstein, and Shep would just make a great werewolf I think. Plus, Jon Stewart once suggested that Keith was like Herman Munster, so...)
IDK, what do you think?

Oookkkaaaayyy! *wipes forehead* I've been meaning to finish the second part to this fic for a while now, but because college seeks to occupy my entire life, I haven't been able to. :-(
But angelascatshas been keeping me ontop of things with it and so, I am posting the first section of the second part. :-)  Thanks, dear! I dedicate this to you! I hope you like so far! Though, I'm sorry its not all of it, but at least you get a taste. ^_^

Title: You Make Me A Better Man ~ part 2 (1/2)
Author: me
Pairing: Oscar/Andy
Rating: R (but it will go higher)
Fandom: The Office
Setting: "the Business Trip" episode.
Summary: Oscar goes back to Andy's hotel room. Stuff happens. :-P
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. They belong to the creators of The Office only! This is just fanfiction.


Part 2 (1/2)Collapse )







Lewis Black is coming to Cincinnati!!!!!

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!!!!!!! Lewis Black is coming to Cincinnati and I FUCKING GOT TICKETS!!!!! AH!!!!

Since I'm now on Fall Break, I came home to celebrate my family anniversary with my mother and stepfather and little brother. My stepdad likes to give little gifts and take us out to eat to celebrate. And my gift was three tickets to see Lewis Black on December 3rd at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati! Woohoo!!!! *jumps up and down*
Seriously, I was nearly in tears when I opened the envelope! As you can tell, I'm still in a high from it. XD Oh, I can't tell you how excited I am about it! Lewis Black is one of my all-time favorite comedians!!! I adore him so frickin' much! <3

So, in celebration, I wanted to post a Lewis picscam. :-) I hope you guys like it!

Oh, Lewis! I love you so much!!! :-D


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